Natural Nails 

Classic manicure - $15

Our classic manicure begins with a warm soap soak, cut and shaping, cuticle treatment, lavender exfoliation, and a light lotion massage. Lastly, we'll polish your freshly done manicure with a color of your choosing. ($13 for no nail polish) 

Deluxe manicure - $25

In addition to our classic manicure, hot towels are used to ease the muscles in your arms and hands. To finish off the manicure, your hands and wrist will be dipped into paraffin wax to make your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Gel polish - $20

After cutting, shaping, and buffing we use an LED light to cure the gel resulting in a longer lasting polish on your nails

Gel Chrome Polish - $35

Gel manicure - $30

Gel polish with our classic manicure 

Dip Powder - $35 (French $40)

Instead of polishing a color onto your nails, your nails are dipped into a color pigmented powder resulting in a longer lasting finish

Basic polish - $6 

Shape and cut before polishing 

Gel take off - $3

Nail Enhancements 

Acrylic - $23 (refill $13)

Student Acrylic Price - $20 (refill $13) 

Overlay - $20 (refill $13)

UV gel - $35 (refill $20)

Solar Regular - $30 (refill $20)

Solar Pink & White - $35 (refill $30)

Pink refill - $18

Nail Removal - $10/set

Nail Repair - $3/per nail

Nail shortening - $3/set