Basic Pedicure - $25

Is a basic pedicure that targets all the neccessities for a clean fresh finish. Includes clipping of the toe nails, cuticle trim, buffering, pumice stone to remove calluses, and finishing off with a light lotion massage to target your tight muscles. Then we will top it off with a polish of your choice. 

Signature Pedicure - $30

A mineral clay cooling masque is used and acts as a facial-like treatment for your lovely hard working feet! The natural menthol located in the mineral causes a cooling sensation and panthenol draws moisture into the skin. This masque calms inflammation and irritation. In addition, it leaves a refresh feeling after your pedicure has been long completed, gives you the same aromatherapeutic benefits as natural spearmint oil. 

Pearl Spa Pedicure - $35

Contains 18 amino acids that are required to prevent the skin from looking coarse, depleted, old, and wrinkled. The powder is easily absorbed by the skin for healing, skin brightening, anti-aging, and deep moisturizing. Includes a hot towel to ease and relax your overworked feet. 

Green Tea Honey Pedicure - $40

Is a 6-step process that includes antioxidants to benefit your skin. The green tea body mud is used to help rebuild damaged cells and draw in moisture to dry areas. The green tea massage cream is then applied to your legs and feet to target additional dry skin. Once your beautiful skin is fully moisturized, an oil rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, and  C is applied to leave your amazing skin smooth and nourished. Lastly, a foot cream containing glycerin is used to protect your heels and feet. 

Super Deluxe Pedicure - $50

In addition to the Green Tea Honey Pedicure, hot towels and stones are used to ease your muscles. Then your feet is dipped into paraffin wax, leaving your skin extremely soft and smooth.